Darker Dreams (newest album for 2017)

Darker Dreams - yes, my new album for 2017!

A step towards something a little different.  The guitar are less emphasized, while piano and other more "organic" instruments like violin and a few other stringed instruments are brought forward and present the melody.  Not metal, maybe not even "rock" music.  More like melancholic ambient post-rock with influences from cinematic soundtrack music.

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Or download a zipfile directly (BY CLICKING RIGHT HERE!!)

1.   False Awakening
2.   Hääg
3.   Lucid Märe
4.   Mora Myth Moroi*
5.   Night Terror
6.   Disorder
7.   Nocnitsä
8.   Parälysis
9.   Nocturnal Fusion
10. Horror
11.  Därker Dreäms

Music composed and performed by Dimaension X.
*Song #4 composed by "anonymous", circa 1829
Recorded and produced by Dave Lanciani at Dimaex Productions.

It's also streaming at YouTube:

This album is a bit out of my comfort zone, but I was really inspired after listening heavily to the Nikki Grace Experience (see my post below).

I have NO idea what's next.


An Ambient Jam (2 versions of the same thing)

I decided to try recording a strictly ambient guitar piece, and ended up creating something else entirely.

First I recorded a series of simple one-note volume swells ... funny fact about these notes - I used PI (π) as my tab - i.e., 3.141592653589793 - using the low E string, I played the notes at the 3rd fret (G), 1st fret (F), 4th fret (G#), 1st fret again, 5th fret (A), and so on.

I used a compressor to keep the note nice and sustained, and I used my Morley Mini volume pedal to swell the notes in.  My clean tone was my Tech21 FlyRig5 CALI, only using the Samsamp section for the first half, then I added the CALI drive section for the second half.

Then I added a boatload of effects after recording - some EQ, chorus, phasing, some pitch-shifting, and some delay and a LOT of reverb.  A LOT of reverb, to really sustain the notes for a long time.

This is how I created "Ambient Only".

But after completing the piece, I wanted to completely turn it into something else.  Luckily, I thought ahead a bit when I recorded the "swells", because I recorded them with a "click track" on.  So now I can add some additional instruments, including MIDI instruments since everything will sync to the tempo.

So I added some drums using EZ Drummer, then added the "solo" guitar (following the notes so I could figure out what key each section is in), then added live bass (my trusty old Squier Affinity P-Bass).  Voila - the piece called "An Ambient Jam."


Abjuration of the Black Goddess Suite

Finally completed a project that I started last year around September.

Abjuration of the Black Goddess Suite.

This is a long, conceptual piece of music.  Originally my guitar was tuned to Open C, then eventually morphed into Drop-C.  And I think I did a few parts in Drop-D, but transposed the audio tracks down a whole step.  Bass guitar is either Cakewalk Studio Instruments VSTi Bass, 4Front VSTi Bass, or regular electric guitar transposed down an Octave. 
The Ambient, atmospheric synth sounds are all guitar.  No Synths used.  In fact, this part is just my piece I just posted on YouTube entitled "Dark Drone 1" chopped up into pieces and distributed between the metal bits.

Then I added the spoken word bits after this.  The words are from a section of the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead

An MP3 file is now downloadable ... go HERE to stream or choose your download options, or glick HERE to download a ZIP file directly.

This may be my last "metal" piece for a while.  I'm beginning to find metal a bit "limited" in scope, so I'll be exploring some more alternate genres of rock and instrumental music, maybe some avant-garde improvisation, more of the "gentler" side of ambient guitar (Chords of Orion is a big influence in this area - makes really expansive, beautiful sounding ambient washes of sound, all generated by guitar), and who knows what else I'll try


Dark Ambient Space Drone

Only available on YouTube - NOT!  Now you can download an MP3 of this by clicking HERE! 

Or go to the Internet Archive to stream by clicking HERE instead.

created with only guitars and effects ... no synthesizers at all.


Oakwind Hollow

Dimaension X delves into the world of Prog Rock. After listening to lots of Yes, King Crimson and Steven Wilson, it was time to give in and try something a bit more "proggy". Less emphasis on Berlin-School electronics and more on band interplay and rocking it up a bit. There's still plenty of Moog Synth, but now some Mellotron and B3 organ, too, along with the usual guitars, bass and drums.

 Dimaension X - Oakwind Hollow

01 - Scions of Aurglko
02 - Swords and Secrets in Betua
03 - Oakwind Hollow, pt 1
04 - The Blood Queen
05 - The Exiled King
06 - Oakwind Hollow, pt 2 (What Comes After …)
07 - The Sign of the Gilded Serpent
08 - The Tower of Osaugghi
09 - The Summoning Chamber
10 - Oakwind Hollow, pt3 (The Ruins of Akharon)
11 - The Temple of Icetooth

Music composed and performed by Dimaension X.
Recorded and produced by Dave Lanciani at Dimaex Studios.

Recorded with a bunch of different equipment, guitars, amps, effects, pedals, etc.

Recorded with Reaper, as usual.

Go to the download page for download and streaming options HERE

or download a ZIP File by clicking HERE

I will be working of uploading some files to YouTube for live streaming soon!

ThanX for listening!


New for 2017

I started working on a few new projects that I hope to release soon.  I've been delving into some classic old Prog music lately, including classic Yes and King Crimson, and a bit of "new" prog, like Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree.  This more "classic" style of progressive music has inspired me, and I have about 8 songs nearly complete, and would like to fill out the album with 2 more songs.

I've also been listening to a really interesting project named The Nikki Grace Experience.  This is a sort of "post-rock" meets melancholy ambient music project led by Marko Hupel since 2009. He has released a number of somewhat popular net releases (mostly on Webbed Hand Records) and some videos on YouTube. Lots of his tracks contain contributions of female singers (mainly Lotte Kestner, which is a stage name for an American singer from Seattle named Anna-Lynn Williams). Since the beginning of 2014 TNGE has added a new permanent member named Frank Lobow.  I've scoured the Internet for more information on this musical project, and the most recent "website" I can only find is a Facebook page, but the latest post is dated September 2015.  I highly recommend this band.

The Webbed Hand Records site is still active, and contains music from a whole bunch of other artists, too, so I recommend checking it out.  But the best place to find downloads of the albums is at the Nikki Grace page at Internet Archive.  They're all free and legal.  And worth it.  If you like simple, minimalist and melancholy music, this is for you.  

TNGE has really inspired me to just sit at the piano and try to come up with simple chord progressions and melodies, and then try to come up with accompaniment from bass, drums, and other instruments.  And eventually some guitar.  This is probably going to be a similar sound to my "Gothambia Redux" album, which was also based on a lot of piano rather than guitar.  I also managed to download a really good piano instrument called "Neo Piano".  It's a very good sample set of a grand piano.  With a little reverb, it sounds very realistic.

This music is a far cry from my usual metal-head tendencies, but I really like delving into different music that ISN'T metal lately.  I need to expand my horizons and challenge myself artistically. Metal isn't the only good music.

Maybe I'm just getting old? Nah.  I still have a few "metal" projects brewing, too.  But first I need to try a few other things.  Hopefully the prog album will be done soon (tentatively titled "Oakwind Hollow".)


Ghost/Echo - new album for 2017

Well that was quick - here it is, the new album from Dimaension X, titled "Ghost/Echo".

You can go to the Discography page and click on the links to download it from the Internet Archive, or you can follow the links right below:

Ghost/Echo (2017) - More sci-fi electronic synth rock madness from Dimaension X.  The titles and general themes are based on an interesting rules-lite RPG named Ghost/Echo by a game designer named John Harper.

Similar to the last two albums, there are synth-sequences, guitar melodies, a few solos, some cool drum beats, and more. 

Similar to the last two albums, there are synth-sequences, guitar melodies, a few solos, some cool drum beats, and more. 

Dimaension X - Ghost / Echo

01 - Looting the Ghost World
02 - Betrayed by Vixen
03 - Hungry Wraiths
04 - Crew Needs Metal
05 - Channeling the Ghost Field
06 - Paranormal Backlash
07 - Ruins of Undercross
08 - Blackcircle
09 - Echoes of Distant Events
10 - The Truth in the Datastream

To go to the download page to stream or download, click HERE.

To download a zip file directly, click HERE.