An untitled spacey improvisation ...

Compiled from a series of 3 improvisations I did late last year and never released.

Mostly guitars, heavily effected with various delays, reverbs, etc. The signal chain varies, but somewhere in the mix I'm using several Earthquaker Devices pedals (Acapulco Gold Distortion, Transmisser Modulated Reverb, and Avalanche Run Delay and Reverb). I'm also using a Joyo Vintage Drive, Ultimate Drive, and US Dream. Volume Pedal is a Morley Mini Volume Pedal.



Dimaex5002 is being uploaded as I type.

The latest in the "5000" series, Dimaension X pumps out more heavy grooves with ripping bass, percolating synthezisers and melodic guitars.  Spacey, atmospheric electronic rock.

1.  Celestial Bloodthirst
2.  The Emperor's Exhalted Curse
3.  Executioner Raid
4.  The Mentor and the Miner
5.  Prototype Providence
6.  The Traitor's Stature
7.  Devil Doomed With Happiness
8.  Flaming Blade
9.  The Godess' Dishonour
10. Unknown Arctic Codex

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The GWEN Towers now on YouTube!

The GWEN Towers now on YouTube!

This music is a created from the leftover letters/notes that I did NOT use in my Improvisario and Industrialisimo albums(see the album cover). May as well, use ‘em, right? Plus 90%of the other stuff I just made up on the spot. And some free improvisational playing. Yep - just a smorgasbord of stuff. I wanted a very free-form, experimental feel for the music here. Just sit down, and record whatever comes out, whether it's all just guitar, synths, drums, etc. I mostly used my Agile AL-3010SE (all stock) and a Yamaha THR10 amp. My other guitars did make a few selected appearances when the Agile just didn’t quite work. And mostly real bass guitar (my old Squier Affinity P-Bass).

1. The GWEN Towers
2. Synthro
3. Don’t You Hear the Drums?
4. Tower of Blue
5. TGT-13
6. Shortly, Simply
7. A Sense of When, Pt 1
8. A Sense of When, Pt 2
9. A Sense of When, Pt 3
10. A Sense of When, Pt 4
11. A Sense of When, Pt 5

Composed and performed by Dimaension X - 2014
Recorded and produced by Dave Lanciani at Dimaex Productions

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Improvisario at the Youtube!

I finally posted the full version of my 2014 album, called "Improvisario" at YouTube.

It's in my Discography, but here are the details anyway.

 1. Thorn in One’s Side
2. Anamneses
3. Flamingo Reservoir
4. Snap Modulation
5. Jobortunity
6. Never Fowl
7. Cemetary
8. A Fancy Wardrobe
 9. Horrid Child
10. Commie-Rat Hippie 
11. Psalm
12. Shortwave Quatre

Improvisario by Dimaension X - the first original project by Dimaension X in quite a long time.  This one is a bit interesting - I took a 12-tone Row Matrix, further scrambled those notes (by starting in the middle and going out in a spiral pattern), then limited myself to improvising a short piece of music (between 20-30 seconds) in the key of that note (major or minor), and then would splice them together into longer songs afterwards. And nearly every note was played on my new Agile AL-3010.

Music composed and performed by Dimaension X*
Recorded and produced by Dave Lanciani at Dimaex Studios

*Song #6 contains material composed originally by Simmons/Stanley/Frehley/Criss

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Djent, Mandark! Djent!

(updated as of 01/16/2018)

A tribute to one of the greatest cartoon villains, Mandark, of Dexter's Laboratory, one of my favorite cartoons.

This song was performed exclusively on VST instruments.
Toontrack EZDrummer 2 MusicLab RealEight Guitar/Bass Ignite Amps Emmisary Amp Sim Ignite Amps Anvil Amp Sim Ignite Amps SHB-1 Bass Amp Sim Ignite Amps Tyrant Screamer Overdrive
Composed and performed by Dimaension X. Recorded and produced by Dave Lanciani at Dimaex Studio.



Dimaex5001, the final album for 2017

This is it, kids, the final stop for 2017.  Dimaex5001, the sequel to Dimaex5000.  A bit more of the same, but with some new stuff happening.  Number one, there's a bit more of a rock vibe happening, with the guitars being pushed out front again. Not a lot of solos, but lots of melodic riffing and atmospheres.  

I also incorporated a new pedal into my pedalboard, and really used it a lot.  It's the new Digitech FreQout pedal, which is a "feedback" generator, and it's really cool.  I always like using guitar feedback, but it's really tough to get without cranking the volume up to eleven, and this pedal soves that problem.  You can probably hear it in my sustained notes and chords all over the place in this album.  I just couldn't help myself, it's just so cool to use once you get the hang of it, and I was able to get lots of feedback sounds at very low volume in my home studio.

The song titles, Song titles, images, and inspiration based on John Harper's RPG, Ghost Lines, available at One Seven Design Games. www.onesevendesign.com.

I also used a new VST synth called, Horror Box, a free download VSTi that generates some interesting and atmospheric background noise

Stream audio and download options available below: www.archive.org/details/dimaex5001 Download the whole album with album art

1 - On the Ghost Lines
2 - Imperium 891

3 - A Spirit Well in the Dethlands
4 - Spectrology
5 - Church of Ecstasy
6 - Violet Remedy
7 - Song of the Line Bulls

8 - Dimaex5001 

Composed and performed by Dimaension X.
Recorded and produced by Dave Lanciani at Dimaex Studios


The Ghost of Gawain - a new project from Exempt Human Specimen

 Greetings all,
I have a new idea for a project, and it's starting off with inspiration from using a free VST called Alter/Ego from Plogue Music Software developers.

Alter/Ego if a free vst that simulates speech and singing.  The original version only ad a female voice that was very robotic sounding, but now they're released a voice that simulates death growls and black metal vocals, along with a few different singing voices.  This one is called Marie Ork, and I used it to do the vocals in the new song.

In fact, the current version of the song is made completely with VST instruments.  There are no real guitars, basses, keyboards, drums or vocals.  It's all created in the computer.

I do plan to record actual guitar for the final versions of the songs, but everything else will be computer generated.  For now, using the VST instruments allows me to arrange the songs and get them basically ready to go, and then I'll add the actual guitars to add the "human" element.  But it is really amazing what you can do on a computer now, isn't it?

See below the the video demo of the song.  Thanks for listening.