The Doom 2 Variations READY!!

Yup, I said it! Ready for Download. My own versions of the classic Doom 2 video game soundtrack are ready at a whole bunch of links. Take a look in the usual spots like my discography here in the blog, at my Myspace page, my Last.fm page, The Internet Archive, and Soundclick. And I'm also guessing a few folks who like the album may post a few mediafire or rapidshare links, too. Here's one of the mirrored links - (CLICK HERE!)

I think it actually came out pretty good, considering I still think my wrist is still a bit "funky", so some of the guitar solos may not be all that great, but overall, it's a good album to blast in the car. If anyone knows how to add the songs to their own Doom game mods, please do so. That would be kinda cool.

Let's also remember that this is a freebie. I'm not selling or profiting from its distribution whatsoever. I really enjoy this music and wanted to pay proper tribute to the guy who wrote these great songs originally - Bobby Prince. Any real Doom fan knows him and that he's at least partially responsible for the success of Doom. He was also one of the first guys (along with George Sanger) to embed MIDI files as the music in a game.

The cover art is "borrowed" from the original box cover, and modified slightly, so it is still technically ID Software's property. But I am NOT selling anything or profiting or making any money at all. This is a tribute. Dat's all. Hopefully I won't get into any trouble over this. It's not like I'm anyone important anyway. Just a musician and music fan.

Please listen and enjoy, and maybe let me know what you think.



Doom 2 Soundtrack ALMOST DONE!!

I am in the midst of listening to my mixes for the album - and I'm almost there! Yup, just about done with this project, and I will begin uploading the music as soon as I can. I am doing the art for the CD cover, and saving it out to uploadable formats. I also have to prepare my basic write-up for the Internet Archive information/notes sections.

I'm kind of psyched about how this is actually going to come out. I think it sounds really good so far. I took some liberties with some of the basic themes, added guitar solos over the static, repetitive sections, revised some of the drums, did some weird guitar effects, and used the "Intermission" as the intro combined with MAP01. I also skipped the actual "Intro" music, mainly because it would no longer all fit on ONE CD. I may go back and add it as a bonus track later, but much later. For now I'm done and tired of this one.

Time to move on to the next project, which is, ... well, I have no clue. But I am done with DOOM stuff for now, and may go back to the stuff I mentioned before, a few posts ago, which is some MUCH older music that I am going to re-create with my better and newer equipment.

I am also helping out my next-door neighbor's band with some recording. They're called the "Screamin' Barfys". Yup, The Screamin' Barfys. Kind of alternative heavy music, Pearl Jam meets Black Flag meets Alice-in-Chains-ish. Interesting stuff. Not my usual style, but it's good to do other things and listen to all kinds of music. When they get some tunes recorded, they'll post them at their Myspace page here.

I also have an interview for a full-time job coming up soon, so let's cross our collective fingers. It'll be nice to get back to a full-time job and paycheck, and get off of unemployment.

So all Doom fans, please check my discography in a few days, either here, or on my Myspace page. ThanX again to you all.


Doom 2 Variations Soundtrack

Yup, I'm back to working on this project that I should have completed long ago. But obviously, I've had a few setbacks - wrist surgery, lost my job, and I'm also working with my neighbor who happens to have a band in need of some production help. So I'm going to sit in, listen to what they've got, and try to give them a hand in recording their band, which means real drums and vocals.

But I did begin working on the Doom 2 music again, with my wrist pretty much healed, and I'm trying out my new guitar, the Schecter Omen 6. Which is working out pretty good. The guitar is made for shredding. Very high output stock pickups. The only problem with it is getting good clean and slightly overdriven sounds, which I may go back to my old Yamaha guitar for those.

I am really looking forward to finishing this one off and posting for all to hear. I'll post them online at the Internet Archive as usual, and probably at Last.fm, too. Note that these are NOT my compositions - I give full credit to Mr. Bobby Prince, the original composer of these Video Game Classics.

Please also note that I am adding some extended guitar solos over the more repetitive and simple parts that weren't in the original versions, so that's MY little niche in the arrangements. I also used some better instrument samples that just didn't exist back when the original versions were created, so hopefully these will be nicely updated and modern versions of these songs. That's why I will title this project "The Doom 2 Variations."

Stay tuned. Please. ThanX.


No News is ... well, no news

Yup, no new leads on any new employment yet. Still looking, still hoping. Still optimistic that I will at least find a decent job with decent pay that will pay the bills. I know I'm not going to make mega-bucks. I just want to find something that I can do and be proud of.

Oh, music. yeah, I'm still healing up a bit, but I should be back to normal pretty soon. The wrist almost feels as good as ever, but it is still a bit sore and itchy where the stitches are still under the skin. They should be fully dissolved by July of this year. But I do plan to work on some new music soon. I have once again dug into my huge back catalog of old ideas that I feel need to be resurrected. My newer direction will definitely be a bit less metal, a bit more rock-fusion, but still kind of "intense". The music is more Miles Davis/Bill Laswell-ish. Very open and atmospheric, slower in tempo, kinda jazzy. Imagine being in one of those smoky 1960's underground clubs in London or New York, waiting for Miles or Monk or Mingus to take the stage. "Slow burn" is also an apt description.

Plus, I'm doing some more electronic stuff, too. Sorta Zombi/Tangerine Dream. Lot's of new weird synths. Maybe even some more in the direction of my Ugotllathath album. I've been listening to lots of underground atmospheric black metal (Sieghetnar, Xasthur, Darkspace, Chainerdog, ColdWorld), so that dark ambient background is working its way into my system.

We'll see what develops over time.